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Personal Tax Account

Creating your own Personal Tax Account can be very handy for you to be able to communicate with HMRC with regard to doing the following:

  1. Updating your home address
  2. Checking your PAYE code and asking for amendments
  3. Checking and paying any tax due
  4. Checking your state pension forecast.

The login and password should be unique to you and kept private. It is not straightforward to get a replacement so keep in a safe place.

How to Create a Government Gateway Personal Tax Account

Go to
Click on Start Now
Select the option to create a new account and click continue

You will be taken to a page that has 2 options. Select the first option, circled in red below

On the next screen, scroll to the bottom link “continue to your account”

You will be taken to a new screen asking you to input your log in details. There is a link below that says “Create Sign in details”

Enter your email address and click continue

HMRC will immediately send an access code to the email address you provide. Check your email and input the code in the box

Once you have input your code and clicked Confirm, your email address will be verified. Click Continue.

Enter you full name and click continue

Create a password, in line with the requirements provided on the page. Then click continue.

Click Continue

Create a recovery word (a word memorable to you) and click Continue

On the next screen you will be provided with your Government Gateway ID. You will need this to log in to the government gateway in the future so please keep it safe. You will also receive a copy of it by email. Click continue.

Select the individual button and click Continue

You will next be asked to set up additional security. Click continue.

The additional security code can be set up in one of three methods. Choose whichever method is best for you. The ‘Text message’ option may prove to be the easiest and quickest and the following pages follow the ‘Text message’ option.
Click continue.

Select yes and then Continue.

Enter your mobile phone number and click Send access code.

Enter the access code sent to you in a text message and click Continue

Click Continue.

The next step is to verify your identity. Click continue.

Complete all details on this page and click Continue

HMRC will then verify your details and automatically transfer you to the next page.

You now must choose a way to confirm your identity. You may find that “passport” is the easiest method if you hold one. (This guide assumes verification by Passport). Once you have selected a method click Continue.

Click yes and then click Continue

Complete the required details from your passport and click continue

Click continue.

Select whichever method is best for you and click continue.

Well done. You made it all the way through! Now you can explore your tax account. Call us if you have any difficulties or just want to someone to talk to after having had experience of HMRC’s websites!

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